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In my first book, I Bought It, Now What? you will find answers on how to buy, clean, and store the top 25 most requested fruits and vegetables. From avocados to potatoes, berries to cucumbers, and many others in between; this book will help you extend the life of your produce by making it last longer. 

My second book, I Bought It, Now What? Summer Edition features your favorite summer fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I also included a few recipes so you don’t waste any of your farm-fresh produce.

The third book of my eBook series, I Bought It, Now What? Fall Edition, is now available! You’ll find step-by-step washing, drying, and storing instructions for 25 of your fall favorites from Acorn Squash to Turnips. Also included: Beautiful photos, detailed information on each item, fall gardening tips, quick reference guides, recipes, and more!

All my eBooks are available in my online store as a PDF download for US Customers. This means you can either download them to your computer or device, or print a copy to have handy in your kitchen while cleaning your fruits and veggies. For all other Countries, my books are available for your Amazon Kindle. Please click the applicable green button below to purchase.

NOTE: The Fall Edition for Kindle is coming soon!

A post that went viral on The Cross Legacy, strawberries in a jar (#strawberriesinajar) has been featured in 22 world news outlets to include The Sun, Mirror, and The World News. Strawberries stayed fresh and edible for weeks instead of just a few days. This tip created a windfall of questions about other fruit and vegetables. 

The average American family throws away 30-40% of the groceries they buy – from produce to leftovers. By utilizing the tips in this book, you can save money, drastically changing your grocery bills and saving you trips to the grocery store.

You will simplify your life as soon as you open this book and start cleaning and storing your fruits and vegetables The Cross Legacy way.  These steps will help save your grocery budget and time. Having fresh produce readily available at your fingertips for longer will allow you the freedom to snack healthier and enjoy mealtimes.

If you prefer to purchase my first or second eBook for your Amazon Kindle, click the link here to get it for Kindle (to read it on your PC, simply download Amazon’s free Kindle for PC app here)!

Graphic showing all produce items included in the 'I Bought It, Now What?' eBook
Graphic showing all produce items included in the 'I Bought It, Now What? Summer Edition' eBook
Graphic showing all produce items included in the 'I Bought It, Now What? Fall Edition' eBook